In the recent process of building the React-Native Mobile Application and Backend for GlobalJobSolutions, we used GitLab not just as our code repository and Issue tracking system of choice, we also started to embrace their powerful CI/CD solution they offer since version 8!

Finally we do not need pre-configured slaves or pre-defined workspaces anymore, as Gitlab uses Docker to make this solution the probably most dynamic and incredible versatile Project-Builder and deployment tool ever we ever used. And the fact that we can use the one and the same tool as a code repository, issue tracker, code reviewer, docker registry and CI/CD tool makes the move away from other tools even nicer – all combined with a nice looking and very intuitive User interface!

But enough of praising, let’s have a look into the possibilities:

Gitlab-Runners – a very dynamic way of getting your builds done on wherever there is a resource available in your network!

Project-specific Builders – based on docker!

Pipelines and environments – logical deployment flows!

Kubernetes support – out of the box!