A selection of happy Customers we were helping to bring their ideas into reality:


Global Job Solutions – Backend and Mobile App Development – Adelaide, Australia

Design, Architecture and Development of a full featured REST-API Backend, CI/CD Pipelines with GitLab-CI and native Mobile Applications (iOS and Android) for Time capturing as a first part / POC to transform a single server software solution (GJS JobCommander) into a modern cloud based Software as a Service.

Global Job Solutions
iOS Application
Android Application


SavanaCorp – Mobile Apps with MobileBridge Integrations – Sydney/Melbourne, Australia

Design and Development of native Mobile Applications (iOS/Android), based on MobileBridge (A Marketing Automa-tion Solution). Integration of MobileBridge customisations of workflows into third party Web applications via their REST-API.

Mobile Bridge


Metaverse Makeovers – REST-API Backend – Melbourne, Australia – Shanghai, China

Design and Development of a Social Media like Backend/REST-API (similar to Instagram) for a multimedia phone application (Android & iOS) deployed into China. We used the following technologies and frameworks: Java8, Spring, Achilles and Cassandra (as a distributed and fast performing column based database). We also set up a basic deployment pipeline with Maven and Jenkins-CI and used Swagger for the REST-API documentation.

Metaverse Makeovers
iOS Application
Android Application


Bukku.io – Complete Web Application – Worldwide

A cloud based PMS/CRM/Multichannel Manager for travel related business, such as hotels. This Software has been developed and grown in functionality over the last 5 years. It offers travel businesses to colaborate easily with customers, property owners, third party tourism operators and resellers. Manage your customers and tourism business related tasks from everywhere, on everything and always and don’t worry about IT administration tasks such as Backups and Updates – just focus on your business core tasks and leave administration with us! This application stack is built on a Java8, Spring, Tomcat, Dropwizard Stack and can host its data in several different Databases. We also used a vast selection of integration and deployment tools (Jenkins-CI, Docker, Ansible, Zapier, etc.) to make testing, server provisioning, scaling and maintaining as easy as possible.

Tuason Booking


Alan Myerson Jewellery – e-Commerce redesign and development – Melbourne, Australia

As an old Joomla/Virtuemart was running out of support cycle, the whole shop needed to be redesigned with a major focus on easy usability, two different price schemes (for retail and wholesale customers) in one single shop and a responsive web front-end. As a backend solution we decided to use Shopify as it is a cloud-based pay-as-you-go solution, which secures a continuous maintaining and a whole lot of integration possibilities out of the box. The Data Migration from the old to the new store was successfully done with the help of the tool Cart2Cart and the shop integrates seamless with paygates such as Braintree, Paypal and NAB Transact.

Alan Myerson Jewellery


Kurhaus Lenzerheide – Development OS X Application – Lenzerheide, Switzerland

500 party guests, a lot of drinks and 5 DJ’s ready to play their favourite tracks, accordingly to the votes of the guests. An event project, which needs an application to calculate the votes triggered by the bar staff and a nice looking interface to visualize the rankings and current leading DJ in real time to big screen in the club. This Application does exactly this and runs natively on pretty much everywhere – from Tablets to Macs, from Phones to Windows and Desktops to Linux… This was designed for the Kurhaus Lenzerheide, which runs for years the very popular Cinema Club.

Kurhaus Lenzerheide
Sourcecode on GitHub


Redesign, development and hosting for Kahina Surf Retreats – Morocco – Philippines

A redesign and development for Kahina Surf Retreats, which runs holiday resorts in Morocco and the Philippines. The main focus for this new site was a proper user interface with different main and sub menus and a clean booking interface. Further the site should have different full size templates for the different destinations and main menu sections. For maintaining purposes and easy usability we decided to use the Joomla CMS and a MySQL database.

Kahina Surf Retreats



A few Opensource libraries and Frameworks for us, customers and everybody who can use it:


BackSlack – a Slack integration for letting Slack know about file changes (such as Backup’s, etc.)

We like and work with Slack, wherever we can! And we are following a strong policy of regular updates! So what is better than a little app which acts as a FileWatcher and reports any changes in a certain directory? This brought us to develop this idea into a small handy little tool: BackSlack was bron!

BackSlack on our GitLab Server


D3Sparklinez – a Sparkline component for Vaadin/GWT projects

A Vaadin/GWT UI component to represents a Sparkline., based in D3.js. In fact it is a Vaadin wrapper for the popular Sparklines in the D3 Javascript Library.

D3SparkLinez on our GitLab Server