Cloud computing – Software as a Service (SaaS)

With the growth of cloud computing occurring so rapidly over the past few years, many individuals may have yet to discover what this phenomenon is all about and may have many questions. Cloud computing at its core is the allocation or lease of computer services and can include computation, software and data storage/access, which allows companies and individuals to access these functions from a remote location. In many instances, cloud computing allows for a “pay-as-you-go” solution to a variety of computing features and is the next big thing in personal and commercial computer solutions.

The most obvious advantage to cloud computing is the amount of money that a business or individual can save by switching over from a traditional infrastructure. Instead of directly buying software, hardware, infrastructure and employing technicians, users of the Cloud can simply purchase access to these elements and get only what is needed. Since everything is hosted remotely, there is no need for extra personnel to manage the infrastructure.

Another advantage to using the Cloud for web and data services is the ease of scalability. Depending on the client’s needs, services can be quickly added or removed and the amount of data storage can be increased or decreased. This provides more flexibility when it comes to changing budgets, unexpected volume shifts or unforeseen circumstances; simply change the setup and subscription and the cloud setup is now suited for whatever situation life throws at it.

Finally, since cloud computing can be accessed from virtually anywhere, expenses can be reduced when it comes to duplicate equipment being installed in multiple places that allow traditional access from the home/office/phone. Especially useful if running a business, costs can be calculated precisely to the department; often times, IT expenses end up being a sordid mess when it comes to pinning down the true cost of each department. Cloud computing allows for the elimination of redundancies and a clearer understanding of which departments are adding the most to computing expenses.

We are specialised in designing, developing and hosting web-based Applications for small, medium sized and enterprise business. We would like to help you to move the infrastructure of your business into the cloud.


Mobile App Development

We develop native mobile Applications and backend API’s tailored to your needs. Talk to us about Augmented reality, marketing automation or location- and persona-based user interaction – We have mobile app strategies for small and enterprise needs.


Big Data Consulting, Data Ingestion and Analysis

Tuason Software has worked with large distributed computing platforms (Hortonworks and Cloudera) and has a rich knowledge about ingesting and retrieving data into and from Data lakes.

Whether you need professional consulting in Big Data topics like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or in building analytical Algorithms on large data storages – our team can support you to bring your Big Data and analytical capabilities to the next level.